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Open for Commissions

Traditional Rates

Illustrations colored with colored pencils will need to pay a higher base price, as using colored pencils takes quite more time than say a digital version of the same illustration. Base price is $25 for smaller content, non-background images and $50 for bigger content, or full-background images.

Illustrations with a lot of detail or characters may be charged more hourly, but that can be discussed.

Sketch- $10 an hour

Ink Drawing (outlined sketch with Micron pens)- $10 an hour

Colored Pencil (Crayola)- $22 an hour

Digital Rates

Vector and fully detailed digital illustrations will pay a base price of $25. However, depending on the simplicity/complexity of the illustration/vector, the hourly price can be negotiated.

Outlined Sketch- $10 an hour (all sketches will be drawn in pencil and traced digitally)

Vector Illustration- $15 an hour

Fully Detailed Illustration- $20 an hour

All images and progress will be sent watermarked until the final payment is made, and delivery is not covered for traditional pieces. If you’d like to pay for your illustration to be mailed to you, I will send you the original piece (not a print) signed and dated.